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The journal "Thoth"

General information

The journal "Thoth" is available only to members and appears in digital format. It guarantees absolute freedom of speech and has no editorial changes or censorship of any kind. Thoth is filled with members' submissions, and occasionally contains material by others.

Thoth has a variable number of pages of A5 size. Images are frequently included.

Thoth is named after the Egyptian moon god, who weighed the hearts of the deceased to determine if they would be admitted to the hereafter or, if the examination was failed, torn apart by a monster. Thoth is also the name used by the Grail Society member.

In recent years (early 2020s) the amount of copy received has gone down significantly, in favour of greater activity on the society's various online fora.

Thoth, possibly wearing a mask to hide one's identity.


Thoth is meant to be a verbatim, uncensored, unedited publication forum for Glia Society members' materials of almost any kind, and as such offers an almost unique and golden opportunity to who understand the value of such. So, actually to very few.

Copy for Thoth is published without alterations and as close as possible to what the author wrote or created (insofar as electronic word processing allows this; some formatting changes are inevitable). Notice that this means that one's possible errors too remain uncorrected; to write correctly is the author's task. Please check copy for errors repeatedly and meticulously before submission. Do not just rely on a software spelling checker.

Notice that the previous paragraph implies that one needs to put one's name and the possible title of one's submission in one's copy. Leaving these out implies that the copy is anonymous and/or has no title. For clarity; this means that the name and title must be in the submission itself, not just in an accompanying note. The previous sentence follows from the fact that copy is not altered, implying that the author's name and title are not added if one does not put them in oneself.

It is recommended to put one's address in one's copy so that readers can respond directly to the author if they wish. Remarks to the Administrator about copy are not passed on to the author.


Copy can be submitted at any time and will appear in the next issue. Please try to get it right at once and not send corrections or corrected versions to already submitted copy. Thoth appears bimonthly in February, April, and so on, provided a minimum amount of copy is available. Obviously, there is no "deadline"; the time to send copy is when that copy is ready.

The best file formats for copy are .txt, .rtf, .odt, and .doc. Send the copy in any one of those formats; there is absolutely no need send the copy in more than one of those formats simultaneously. Do not send copy as .pdf; that is a read-only deployment format and can not be edited or inserted into another document without corruption of white space and layout.

To avoid loss of quality, possible images should best be (also) sent separately, for instance as attachments, rather than inserted into a word processor document. Displaying text in image form is extremely unwise as it increases file size in the order of a hundredfold.

Be sparing with layout features like italic and bold, and especially sparing with underlined, font colours, font size changes, font changes and so on. Keep in mind that underlined nowadays means "this is a hyper reference", and dozens of readers will click on it only to discover it is not. Be informed that the excessive use of layout features is the mark of bad authors.

To obtain an impression of how copy looks, one may consult this Thoth copy template.

It is possible to submit copy even if one is not a member but has material one thinks is of interest to the Glia Society members. Copy should be sent to the Administrator; indicate in an accompanying note that the submitted material is copy, to avoid confusion between personal correspondence and copy.

Arise purer

Frequent errors in submitting copy

Although the above instructions should suffice, for extra redundancy here is a list of typical errors in submitting copy to make absolutely certain that the reader understands what is meant:


Everything published in Thoth is for the exclusive responsibility of the author. If you have comments on things you read in Thoth, respond to the author or in Thoth.