The Glia Society


The Glia Society

Registration for membership in the Glia Society

If registering as a new member

Submit your member list information and (if applicable) send a copy of your qualifying score or scores to the address on the Contact page. Your I.D. giving access to the members-only area follows. Only submit the registration form if you are providing proof of qualifying score or scores around the time you submit this form, or have passed the assessment procedure successfully; in the former case, please verify if your score or scores is or are qualifying on the Qualification page. Membership is free.

If using this form as an existing or returning member

You may use this form to update your member information or renew your membership. In that case you do not need to send a copy of your qualifying score.

In either case

The free bimonthly members-only journal Thoth can be found on the members-only web site.

Leave blank any fields you want except for "name", "electronic mail address" and the questions about your qualifying score. What you enter here will be available to the other members, except for the qualifying score information and e-mail address. After completing the form, push the button "Click when ready".

Important — Glia Society members can communicate freely among each other on the society's fora in the confidence their words will remain within the society. By submitting this form you agree to respect this state of affairs; that is, you certify you will not leak out information shared between members to non-members.

*Electronic mail address
Web site U.R.L.
Sex Female
Year of birth
Hobbies, interests, sports
Marital status
If you have a photo of yours online, give U.R.L. (do not send the actual photo)
Political view
Sexual orientation
*Please indicate which of the below four situations applies:
I am a new member who either qualified on a test scored by Paul Cooijmans or passed the assessment procedure successfully, and therefore do not need to send proof.
I am a new member who qualified on any other test and am sending proof of my qualifying score.
I am an existing member updating my information.
I am an existing or returning member and also need my login information sent to me.
After clicking your info appears in below field (possible double quotation marks entered by you will be preceded by a backslash). Copy and paste it into an e-mail message to the Administrator. How to copy and paste: Make certain the text cursor is in the field, press Ctrl-a (select the contents of the field), press Ctrl-c (copy), put the text cursor in the e-mail message (for instance by mouse-clicking), press Ctrl-v (paste).