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The Glia Society

Assessment of possible qualification for membership in the Glia Society

Explanation of the procedure

Please read the following paragraphs carefully as a good and literal understanding of them is crucial for a successful assessment procedure:

To accommodate for the fact that some individuals may have credentials — not necessarily test scores — that are not explicitly listed on the Qualification page, which in turn partly results from there being so many high-range tests now that it is no longer possible to verify for each particular test whether it is suitable for admission purposes by itself, and despite the less objective and less deterministic nature of the procedure, persons who are assessed — based on the whole of their information and not so much on the height of their possible scores (and never on scores alone) — as being markedly above the admission level will be admitted even without formally qualifying otherwise.

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To allow for such assessment, use the below assessment form and send its output to the Administrator, providing any personal or other information you deem relevant (but keeping it brief and referring to web pages if possible rather than including too much material in your message), and enclosing one or a few copies of test score reports if available. Do not submit the member registration form, as doing so without qualifying scores disqualifies you as explained there, rendering the assessment procedure superfluous. The Administrator may ask for additional information if needed. In the case of a negative decision you will receive no response. In the other case you will be notified and admitted, normally after payment of an assessment fee in the order of a test fee. So assessment is a "win-win" situation; either you are admitted or you save yourself the fee! Think of what you can do with all of that money!

For clarity it is pointed out that real-life achievement, like creative productivity, is as relevant as possible test scores in this procedure, and that memberships or offices in I.Q. societies are irrelevant and therefore need and should not be listed. Furthermore it is stressed that a request that betrays not-understanding of the procedure just sketched — for instance by providing only test scores and no other information regarding ability and creative productivity, or by listing one's memberships — will not be honoured but rather considered evidence that one is not at the required level of understanding. Do make certain this paragraph is well understood before proceeding.

Finally, please note that all said here applies only to assessment procedures, not to regular applications; do not send assessment-type material when applying for membership through the registration form with qualifying scores.

The assessment form

After completing the form, push the button "Click when ready".

Electronic mail address
Web site U.R.L.
Sex Female
Year of birth (4 digits)
Credentials and motivation — Provide any personal or other (work-related) information you deem relevant regarding possible qualification, but keep it brief and refer to web pages if possible rather than including too much here. Note that diplomas, degrees, awards, prizes and the like are not credentials; the work behind such items may constitute credentials though. Remember that society memberships must not be listed. If desired, clarify why you think your mental ability is at the intended level:
After clicking your info appears in below field. Copy and paste it into an e-mail message to the Administrator. If desired and possible, attach one or a few copies of score reports. How to copy and paste: Make certain the text cursor is in the field, press Ctrl-a (select the contents of the field), press Ctrl-c (copy), put the text cursor in the e-mail message (for instance by mouse-clicking), press Ctrl-v (paste).