The Glia Society

The Glia Society

Animated presentation

The presentation

A short animated film presenting the Glia Society can be viewed below, or by following the hyper reference in this sentence.

The music one hears in the film is the Glia Society canon, explained hereafter.

About the Glia Society canon

The music under the animation was composed for this purpose by Paul Cooijmans. It concerns a three-part polyphonic piece consisting of three canons using the same theme — a theme beginning with four notes based in pitch and duration on the letters Glia Society in a fairly trivial way — in three different manners.

The composition starts with a regular three-part canon in the octave. A "crab" canon follows between the two upper voices; that is, the middle voice plays the theme while the top voice plays it backwards. The bottom voice has a free chromatic counter-subject here. Finally the first canon is repeated, but backwards and an octave higher (an octave lower for the bottom voice).